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Aloe vera

The globally unique and outstanding properties of aloe vera are due to the unique interaction and symbiosis of the different ingredients and active ingredients. No other plant known to date has such a wide range of healing and nourishing uses. In total, more than 200 active substances are currently known in the medical literature, and new ones are constantly being discovered. The decoding of the complex interaction of all substances is only just beginning, but the effects are now very well documented.

origin of our aloe

From the Germans' favorite holiday island

The farm on Mallorca is around 40 hectares in size. The aloe vera plants are grown and cared for there. The 200,000 plants must be at least 5 years old before the leaves can be harvested. A plant needs at least 2,000 hours of sunshine per year to build up the valuable nutrients for the juice.

100% ORGANIC quality

organic certified handcraft from Mallorca

We guarantee the best quality through manual production and organic ingredients. The typical climate of Mallorca challenges the plants. Tests have shown that this climate is optimal for perfect plant development.


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The 5 pillars for the best aloe vera quality

  • ORGANIC certified Aloe vera from organic farming - no harmful substances
  • pure aloe gel processing of pure aloe gel - no powder-water mixture
  • on-site production The harvested aloe leaves are immediately processed on site - the active ingredients are retained
  • high aloe content All products have a high proportion of pure organic aloe vera
  • high aloever rose content With 1,600-1,700 mg/l, an above-average Aloverose content - THE quality factor for the active ingredient content of Aloe

What makes our aloe vera products so high quality?

One of the world's best aloe vera juices as a basis for high-quality aloe products

Aloe vera leaf gel is a true treasure and a gift from nature. But there are a lot of things to consider, from cultivation to processing, to ensure that these valuable ingredients are preserved and reach the customer. Unfortunately, many manufacturers do not adhere to the 1x1 of aloe vera production and so there are a number of aloe products on the market that have little to no effect. So what makes our products so high quality?

  • The aloe plants are over 5 years old
  • Have well over 2,000 hours of sunshine annually
  • purely organically controlled cultivation
  • no (!) artificial irrigation
  • no pest or weed killers
  • harvesting and filleting the leaves by hand
  • processing into products directly after harvest
  • just the pure gel: no powder or extract
  • certified aloverose content over 1,600 mg/l
  • high proportion of pure aloe in every product

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